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Not very aviation related (hey, Destiny does fly…through space…it’s enough!), but I decided to do a few words on Stargate Universe.

As SGU is heading into it’s second part of season 1 tomorrow, I started watching the episodes back to back. I managed three of them at nightshift, and did Water and Time today while eating chinese food. I’ll finish off the rest tonight.

Have to say that the episodes being watched back to back just seemed to work better. People’s been complaining about lack of action, and I semi-agreed back in autumn, however the pace seemed awfully better the second time watching. The focus on characters instead of straight to the action may throw off some conservative SG fans, but building up a relationship to the characters – knowing their backgrounds, personality, thoughts and prayers creates much better and deeper entertainment value once stuff starts goin’ down. In fact, it’s what I’ve been babbling on in my brain for the best part of the last two years. The key to teaching history to uninterested teenagers isn’t through showing troop movements and the thoughts of big leaders in a book. It’s by creating a personal relationship to what you’re reading. Then you can identify and then you understand. This is real people, in a real life. Just as real as yourself. This was the basic idea of my book. Touch upon the humanity of it, make the reader understand that it might as well have been him/her in that spot, and the connection have been set.

Not that SGU is without flaws. The suddenChloe – Matthew relationship was surprising. Even watching the episodes back to back. One may assume the writers did it by purpose to surprise the viewer as much as it surprised Eli Wallace. If that wasn’t the case, the scene seemed rushed and out of place. No relationship build-up except for one scene in Air 3 (was it?). And may I add, I found Chloe a character with the most room for developement. She’s not set in stone, and it makes her very interesting. Her first days on the ship, not really knowing anything and not fitting in.

The sudden end to Time made me confused. I know the thing was explained in one of those Kino episodes, but it left me confused the first time around, and confused the second too, but it was afterall a superb episode and my fave first time watching. This time around, I actually found Light better. The CGI scenes of the sun is superb.

Also, first time watching, I was on the fence on this Rush vs Young war. Second time around I’m all Rush. He may have a cold approach to events happening, he may be a bit arrogant or eccentric, but he’s usually right. How Young accused him of knowing about the Destinys sun-charing beforehand seemed to me, after watching for the second time, as Young was hell-bent on conspiracy theories. As Young is also quite possibly a cheater and also a liar who leaves another human being behind on some desert planet, I’m all with Rush.

Rush is also played superbly. Possibly the best acting I’ve seen on SG ever. Fantastic.

Now, all there is left is to wait for friday.

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