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I rarely sit on pins and needles when watching stuff on TV. It happens from time to time though.

In relation to science fiction, I can count only 2 or3 times I’ve been sitting, all muscles in my body in tense position watching.

First time I remember was back in mid 90’s when I watched Babylon 5 and season 3’s “Severed Dreams”, still the best sci-fi episode I’ve seen by any show. Stargate Atlantis first two episodes were also good, but it didn’t come close to “Severed Dreams”, but then again you had all these mindblowing episodes on B5.

It’s been awhile since B5 and the opener of SGA, so seeing SGU’s Space was like the drug I haven’t had in almost 10 years. Damn it was cool.
Point being, the episode may have been on all 300 episodes of Star Trek ever made. John Sheridan was kidnapped by aliens in season 2 of B5 as well, but they don’t touch Space.

How come? The plot wasn’t that revolutionary. Far from it. John Sheppard and McKay strolled around on Wraith ships more times than I’d like to remember. Picard has “engaged” (pun intended) more alien ships on a bloody screen than I’ve had McDonalds meals in the last 10 years.

The key is the character build up. A whole 10 episodes that leads up to the action of Space. Might be another five or so before we see something like this again, but once it does, it’s well worth the wait. Like mentioned in my earlier post about SGU, create that personal relationship to the character and you got yourself a winner. Make it a three dimensional character with all the flaws and the positive sides which we all have. None of the former SG characters really had it. B5 barely touched upon it (although they had character developement), and Star Trek was always miles away from it. SGU got it. Sometimes they might miss the ball a little, but usually they’re dead on it, and it creates fantastic Sci Fi.

It created a superbly tense and action packed episode over what would have been a semi-dull episode of SG1 or Star Trek. When you do it like SGU, TV just gets so much better. And, it opens doors never before opened.

I’m sure the criticism will come back. Too much soap, boring, too much character babble etc etc. Sometimes I might agree to it, but in the end it creates a foundation for sci fi we’ve never really seen before.

Officially hooked.

Oh, and where do I sign up to get Wray as the leader of the ship?

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