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This video itself is downright sick. I like it. It’s like the video version of some of Dexter Hollands more brutal sarcastic lyrics.

The new singer is way more sleazy and dirty than Olli Twisted. He’s more Dave Lepard-like, but less glam and more dark. They made the right choice in sacking that Finnish guy and getting this Swedish sicko in it.

The song itself is close to total rip-off from this other band. Can’t remember who and what song.
It doesn’t have the kick of In The Raw or Riot in Everyone, and that’s a shame. Love the last half of it though and the toned down part after the guitar solo. That’s good.

As a first single, it could have been better. I don’t like the production 100% either. Would have preferred a bit clearer sound-image like Rest in Sleaze.

But nonetheless, they make A LOT out of a really small budget. Watch out for the album coming April 14th. Pre order it!

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