Got a license?

Had the most interesting experience at the RC model strip today.

I have been flying for about 4 years now, after a break for about 10 years. I brought my cousin along today, and in 2 m/s wind
did some fancy manouvers. I rolled my plane over on the back in low height, touch and go’s, hammerheads, spins, snap rolls, barrell rolls, but
most of the time just basic low level flying. That’s how we roll in our Norwegian Lowpas Union after all. Low and fast mofos!!

After doing a decent three-point landing, I plugged out the battery and felt quite happy about my little show for my cousin.

Suddenly the club forman calls me over to our information board. I walk over, still quite happy, and he starts pointing to
the documents involving an RC model license. It turns out I need one. To get an RC model license you need to do some very, very
basic flying, which includes take off, landing, flying an eight and doing two loops. The rules are there to keep an eye on
those of us who are new to flying, which means keeping a minimum level of flying skills before taking to the air.

And so, the forman, which have seen me fly a gazillion times (and I never even crashed a plane) starts yapping that I need
a license. I was taken back by his approach and replied to his demands with a joke that I already had a license only given
to those of us who flew Aces High combat simulator combined with warbird RC fighters.

“That doesn’t count!!” he blasts out…
“So, flying inverted 3 meters above ground doesn’t count either?” I gasp.
“No, in fact, it can be harder flying level…” he replies.

It was at that time I told him I didn’t care about the bloody license and left him.


It’s good for you

Did a 1 hour 45 minute walk today and I made a startling discovery;

It’s actually good to get some fresh air with exercise.

Or it could be that wife promised me McDonalds if I went along…


Here’s one bonafied legend (and I dont mean the guy on the left)


Read all about it here


Hot right now!

1. Gay red sunglasses to annoy wife
2. Drunk farmers in fancy dress
3. Questionable headwear used by people I don’t remember meeting
4. Manly Toten love


I spent hours and hours designing a photo album covering the last six Flying Legends airshow. After all those Spitfires, all the Guinness of past drinking I couldn’t take it any longer.

So, Duxford Spring Airshow, here I fucking come